Women are four to six times more likely to suffer from ACL knee injuries compared to men.


Women don’t have to be a hard-core athlete to suffer a knee injury, either. Anything from playing a leisurely pick-up game of soccer to running too quickly down the stairs can cause the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) to stretch beyond its normal range, resulting in a tear.

Seeking more information about this discovery, Organic Authority reached out to Dr. Armin Tehrany, Knee Specialist, Founder of Manhattan Orthopedic Care, to find out why women’s knees are more susceptible to injury and which preventative measures they can take.

It’s Biomechanical

“There are a few reasons why women are more likely to suffer ACL tears than men,” says Dr. Tehrany. “One is anatomy. The space around the ACL is smaller and narrower in women than men. Also, women have wider hips which leads to more stress on the ACL. Another is biomechanics. Women have more flexible joints, which leads to too much mobility. Also certain muscles, like the hip, buttock, thigh, may not be as strong as men, leading to too much more pressure on the knee when landing from a jump or change in direction.”

Besides anatomy, there is also a hereditary component involved. Meaning, if your father or mother suffered from knee problems, then there is a higher chance you will too.



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