Why You Should Up Your Turmeric Intake


Turmeric is certainly the ingredient of the moment, but what makes it so special? Nutritional therapist Ian Marber examines the research

Everyone seems to be talking about turmeric these days and while it was once somewhat of a niche plant, today it has become so mainstream that you’ll probably be able to buy a turmeric latte at your local health food store. But what is it and why should you be including it in your diet?

Full of goodness

Turmeric is a first cousin of ginger, similarly shaped and, with the peel on, looks almost identical. However, inside the flesh is bright orange in colour (because of its curcumin content) and it is both pungent and bitter to the taste. Turmeric is commonly found in powdered form, although the fresh root is available in most supermarkets too. There are many plant compounds in turmeric including turmerin, turmerone, elemene, furanodiene, curdione, bisacurone and germacrone but it is curcumin that may be the most potent.



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