Switching Your Razor Will Make You Hate Shaving Way Less (Promise)



It’s possible to jazz up almost any part of your beauty regime, but when it comes to shaving, it never feels all that glamourous. While sun worshippers like me countdown the days ‘til summer, it also means the return of regular shaving which let’s be honest, is a real drag. Sure, you could ditch the razor permanently and embrace your body hair all year round, but for many of us having fuzz-free legs has come to feel like a necessity. Thanks, female beauty standards!

It seems like the only razor options out there for us ladies come in various shades of pink, and then there’s the plastic. So much plastic. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reported that Americans throw more than 2 billion disposable razors in the trash every year. With those kinds of stats, it’s time to start thinking about eco-friendly razor alternatives.

Reusable handles with replaceable blades aren’t all that better either. Cartridges still need to be thrown away just as often, and what the heck do they put in those so-called soothing strips anyway?



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