What Should We Eat for Happiness Hormone?

When nutrients like avocado, oyster, salmon and banana are consumed, endorphin hormone is released in your body and this helps the production of serotonin – in other words, happiness hormone.

Nutrition Consultant and Aesthetic Medical Specialist Dr. Gönül Ateşsaçan stated that we can be happy and improve our mood according to the nutrients we consume during the day. Saying that sometimes, no matter what is done, people may feel unhappy, Dr. Ateşsaçan explained that some nutrients prepare us for love and relieve depression, according to researches.

Foods That Make People Happy

Dr. Ateşsaçan said: “Some of nutrients prepare us for war and some make us happy. Eating a banana makes you happy; it has high potassium content. Tryptophan is actually, with its common name, serotonin known as ‘happiness hormone’.

Vitamins that relax nerves are Vitamin B and folic acid. Omega 3 has relaxing effect and you can have more omega 3 if you consume cold water fishes like tuna fish or salmon.

Shellfishes like shrimp and lobster contain plenty of vitamin B, magnesium and zinc, contributes to serotonin release and increase libido.

Ginseng, celery root, oyster and avocado regulate hormone levels and increase libido.
Nutrients like bilberry, pistachio, oyster, pineapple and avocado can also make you happy. Chocolate can be good for depression as well.”



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