Maybe you have a green thumb. Maybe you don’t. An herb garden is an easy way to undertake a low maintenance garden, and works no matter where you live. Find out which herbs make perfect skincare ingredients and get started growing your own.


Beauty is getting in on the fresh natural ingredient movement in a big way. When you flip over your favorite nontoxic eye cream or facial cleanser, you probably notice many ingredients that can be grown right in your own garden. While you probably won’t be pressing your own essential oils, there are other ways to grow your own skincare ingredients.

An herb garden can be small or large, indoors or outdoors, and tailor made to your preferences. The true beauty is: they are readily available, super fresh, and can be personalized to your beauty needs. Here are the ones to start with if you are interested in growing your own natural skincare ingredients.

5 Herbs to Grow for Skincare Ingredients

There are several ways to utilize the benefits of homegrown herbs for skin. They can be air-dried or dried in a dehydrator and crushed into powder, then added to the products you already use or used in a DIY recipe. You can also create water or oil infusions. Add a few sprigs of an herb to boiling water and allow to steep, then cool before using on skin. Or submerge herbs in oil (jojoba works well) and let set for a week or more to macerate.



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