When the world gets a little too much reach for one of these all-natural calming aids


With 77 percent of us regularly experiencing physical symptoms caused by stress and 73 percent enduring psychological effects, anxiety is a growing problem which should not be ignored. There are a range of activities believed to help calm attacks, from gentle exercise to sweating in a sauna, but the trick is finding what works best for you. If physical activity brings a wave of dread rather than relaxation, why not try these seven alternatives remedies – no sports wear required.

1 Chamomile

A lack of sleep is one of the most common triggers for an anxiety attack, but when you’re feeling stressed the last thing on your mind is catching some Zs. Cue a restless night with wild thoughts racing through your mind, and the cycle continues… Break the chain with a calming cup of chamomile. A recent study found that chamomile significantly relaxes blood vessels and smooths muscle fibers helping to release built up tension and ease you into the land of nod.

2 Valerian root

A popular over-the-counter sedative in Japan, valerian root is a natural treatment for anxiety. Helping to promote sleep, control panic attacks and relieve headaches, scientists have found that the herb increased the amount of GABA (a chemical which helps regulate the nerve cells and calm anxiety) in the brain.

3 Lavender

With a long history in herbal therapy, lavender is most commonly used in aromatherapy. An emotional anti-inflammatory, the essential oils from a lavender plant are believed to help promote calmness. Lavender sprays which are applied to pillows are also said to help promote a peaceful night’s sleep, perfect for those suffering from stress.



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