Snapping a photo of your avocado toast for Instagram is cool and all, but ‘gramming a photo of your unicorn toast is guaranteed to get you way more likes. Literally eating the rainbow is cooler than ever, and the unicorn food trend proves it.


Unlike rainbow-hued candy and sugar concoctions, however, the majority of unicorn foods’ pastel and vibrant colors are made from real food ingredients that pack in serious health benefits. Here’s how to enjoy some serious superfood action (turmeric, beets, spirulina, oh my!) along with an eye-catching breakfast.

What is Unicorn Food?

The unicorn food trend is attributed to one color-loving pioneer. Adeline Waugh, creator of the blog Vibrant & Pure, notes on her blog, “I never set out to create a trend, I was just playing around in my kitchen and trying to figure out how I could make hot pink cream cheese, as one does.”

Waugh proceeded to mix beetroot powder with cream cheese to create a vibrant pink spread, and the rest was rainbow history. “After playing around with all the cream cheese colors and blending them together to create new colors, I loved how they appeared to resemble paint-brush strokes” Waugh says.

“I called this colorful toast ‘watercolor’ toast in my caption, but my wonderful friends on Instagram quickly dubbed it ‘Unicorn Toast’, as the combination of the pastel hues clearly resembled that of a unicorn’s mane” she explains. Photo after photo of rainbow-hued toasts took the ‘gram world by storm, and now there are more than 1,300 public photo posts of #unicorntoast from color-loving individuals.



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