If the ‘d’ word is the source of all your weight loss woes, we’ve got news for you. Out team of experts believe that small lifestyle changes can equal big results.


“Basically, any diet will help you to lose weight in the short term – the problem is very few of them work long term,” says practising dietitian and nutritionist Dr Joanna McMillan. “We return to our old habits and inevitably the weight returns, with interest.”

So, instead of quick-fix Hollywood-inspired meal-replacement plans and juice detoxes, take a long-term view. “You must make permanent changes to your diet, your activity levels and other lifestyle factors,” Dr McMillan says.

“Then you will get long-term changes. I consider diet, activity levels, sleep, stress management, sedentary behaviours and having joy in your life all equally important for good weight management and optimal health and wellbeing.

“Don’t try to change everything at once, but work out which things will have the greatest impact. For some it might be cutting back on takeout food, for others soft drinks, for others portion size.”



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