Not everyone believes dusting rose quartz particles under your floorboards will instill love and light into the room, but there’s one stone we should all agree to incorporate into day-to-day life: jade. Don’t worry—you don’t need to refurbish your floors, as jade is best used on your face. All you need is a jade roller, a non-invasive skin tool that was used prevalently in ancient China.

Jade rollers have been around so long that they can be found in museums as relics of emperors and queens’ beauty regimens. It’s a handheld tool that’s structurally comparable to a paint roller.

Usually, on one end there’s a regular-size, almond-shaped piece of jade, with a smaller version on the other end. Using it is easy peasy: After applying your facial serums and moisturizers, you roll the jade over your face in upward motions, starting from your neck all the way up to your forehead.

In crystal healing practices, jade is known to help shield you from negativity while balancing your chi, or your life force. If that’s a veritable side benefit, well then that’s just wonderful. But even the skeptical or anti-woo can use jade to help add an uplifting touch to your complexion.



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