Dr. Ayça Kaya is giving information about fruit diet of which we heard as “the diet that made Ashton Kutcher lose weight” and its detrimental effects on the body over long term and answering other questions we wonder about the fruit diet.
Is fruit diet healthy?

It is not healthy to live on just eating fruit. Human body needs all the nutrition groups containing protein, fat and carbohydrate taken regularly in order to keep its general health. For instance, when you just eat fruit and do not consume any fat, your body cannot make use of vitamin A, D, E and K which dissolve in fat. Correspondingly; blindness, vision disorders, osteoporosis, skin thinning, hair shedding, nail breakage, longer clotting time in case of bleeding and serious bleeding disorders can occur. In the same time, when you eat fruit all the time and do not consume any protein, many problems can be seen like muscle weakness, memory problems associated with B12 and iron deficiency, forgetfulness, loss of concentration, anemia. Therefore, eating just fruit in order to be healthier leads to destructions that are irremediable.

Is it possible to lose weight with diets that contain just fruit?

It might not be always possible to lose weight by just eating fruit. Even if fruits are low calorie foods, they contain laevulose and might even cause to gain weight when their quantity is not limited in a diet. For example, supposing that an average sized apple contains 70 calories and you eat 30 apples in a day, it means that you have got 2100 calories. If you cannot burn these calories, you might gain weight.


Let’s suppose that you have a weight problem and you eat just fruit in order to lose weight, and you eat in small quantities. Then, yes. Your body weight definitely decreases.  However, you lose your muscles instead of your fat which is your real problem. In addition to this, you suffer from diseases like syncope associated with malnutrition, dizziness, anemia, and memory problems. When you quit this diet and pass on to normal shim, you gain double weight and your metabolic rate slows down since you have lost your muscle mass.

Is laevulose unhealthy?

Even though fruit is a substantial nutrition that consists of vitamin, mineral and fiber, its laevulose is not different from the regular white sugar. Today with many scientific researches, it is seen that sugar causes cell aging,     lipoidosis of organs and several kinds of cancer. Therefore, when people think fruit as so healthy and consume it a lot, it causes them to gain weight. It also causes hyperglycemia in diabetic people and triggers liver fattening.

Is a fruit diet healthy?

Sometimes, we see that people eat just fruit not only for losing weight but also for detox. It is essential to know that these practices are very unhealthy. There is a risk of serious health problems both in short term and long term because the body cannot supply essential nutrients that it needs.

Does a fruit diet overtax pancreas? Is it really true what happened to Ashton Kutcher?

Pancreas excretes enzymes that are needed in body to digest protein and fats. Along with that, it is where hormones balancing blood sugar are excreted. That is, it is an organ which both digests and excretes hormones. Eating just fruit doesn’t directly cause damage to the pancreatic gland in people who have a healthy pancreas. However, eating one type of food can force the pancreas in people who have diabetes in their families, have drunk so much alcohol, smoked a lot, eaten fatty foods and consumed so much sweet and many problems can occur in this situation. That is to say, personally I don’t believe the fact that Ashton Kutcher’s enzymes increased just because he ate just fruit. Today, both pancreas and liver enzymes can increase in the cases of addictive substance usage, rising percentage of fat in blood, consumption of fatty food or in the course of some infections. For this reason, according to me Ashton Kutcher should be examined properly and evaluated in terms of other risk factors.

Is it appropriate to eat fruit in the evenings?

It is appropriate to eat fruit in the evenings. However, I recommend you to give up eating three or four hours before going to bed. Just as brain sleeps and rests, visceral organs also should be made rest. It is necessary not to overtax them not only with fruit but also with any other food. Even though it is a habit to eat a fruit one or two hours after dinner, I’m in the favor of changing this. I think the best hour for eating a fruit is mid-afternoon. The time between lunch and dinner is quite long so there should be mid-afternoon meal between these two meals and a fruit should be preferred in this mid-afternoon meal. For a better blood glucose regulation, instead of eating a fruit alone, yoghurt, almond and rolled oats would be better with the fruit.

Which fruits overtax pancreas?

Pancreas both digests proteins, fats and balances the blood sugar. Foods with too much fat, protein and sugar overtax the pancreas. Especially, alcohol is one the worst enemies of the pancreas and it causes chronic pancreas inflammation. Therefore, it is necessary to stay away from fried foods, delicatessen products, foods with too much fat and sauce, alcohol, pastries and fatty desserts.

Which fruit is the healthiest one?

The number of the pigments which give fruits their colors is above 2000 and these pigments contain substances which protect our immune system. It is the purple one among the five different color groups (red, yellow, white, green and purple) which contains antioxidant most. We know that sour fruits raise the blood sugar level more moderately. From this point of view, it is an undeniable fact that purple plum is so valuable for the health. This fruit is especially friendly for intestines and constipation solution since it is rich in fiber. Even though purple plum is very healthy, it is very crucial to control its portion. It is necessary to take food diversity into consideration in order to be healthy. Therefore, it is important for our immune system to eat three portion fruits in different colors. For instance, it is sufficient to eat one kiwi, three purple plums and one peach.

Is there any fruit which shouldn’t be consumed while dieting?

I don’t recommend fruits with high sugar level like melon, watermelon, berry, fig, grape since they make you hungry sooner. It is because of the fact that the sugar in these fruits raises the blood sugar level and the blood sugar having been raised gets lower sooner. In this situation, a person feels hungry sooner and wants to eat more. The fruits with lower sugar and higher fiber level like quince, kiwi, orange, green apple, plum should be preferred more since they make you feel full for a longer time.

Do you have any suggestion to balance the fruit sugar?

It is needed to eat fruit with a food with higher protein level in order to balance the fruit sugar. For example, a yoghurt is a food which is to be preferred first. You can slice fruit into small pieces and mix them with yoghurt. You can have some dried fruits with white coffee or you can eat ten nuts or almonds with fruit. Besides, when you don’t feel full in the main meal, eating a fruit instead of eating a second plate makes you gain fewer calories, stay full for a longer time and your blood sugar level doesn’t raise since you eat fruit with your food. Also, you have met your body’s dessert need.

Are diets that contain one type of food harmful for health?

Whether it is a fruit diet, protein diet or vegetable diet, a diet that contains one type of food harms people’s health in an irremediable way. Perception function disorders, forgetfulness, acedia, exhaustion, constipation, muscle loss, retardation in metabolic rate, osteoporosis and fainting can occur depending on deficiency of essential nutrients. Along with that, fainting and heart rhythm problems depending on fluid-electrolyte loss can be seen. Even sudden deaths can emerge.

Can you recommend diets that contain one type of food to people who want to lose weight in a short time?

It is not right to lose so much weight in a short time because being overweight doesn’t happen in one day, so you cannot lose so much weight in one day. Today, it is accepted that it is healthy to lose approximately 2,5-3 kilos within a month. It is necessary to take all the nutrition groups in reduced amounts into the body. In addition to that, briskness must be increased.

In short, you cannot lose weight just by dieting. Further; even if you lose weight, you gain weight again when you stop dieting. Therefore, it is important to turn nutrition type into a habit by balancing all metabolic and hormonal stability. Thereby, if you want to lose weight permanently, you should change your life style rather than short-term diets.



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