Forgetfulness is many people’s problem; to overcome this trouble foods that improve memory are really helpful. Memory becomes weak with age but malnutrition and false diet have also important role on this memory deficiency. Memory strengthen foods are Memory strengthen food groups prominent in the list of food; various colors in vegetables, fruits rich in flavonoids and essential fatty acids that are in fishes. Let’s get some details about these foods:


Egg is rich in vitamin A, B, B12, and D. With these content egg helps development of the brain’s memory section.


Omega-3 fatty acids have a positive effect on cognitive function. Fatty fishes include high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids. Scientist, doctors and nutrition experts recommend regular consumption of fish for reduce risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Eat foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like salmon at least 2 times per week is enough to get necessary amounts of omega 3 for brain functions.


Vegetables like broccoli, asparagus and spinach are rich in vitamin K; they can improve brain functions such as memory. These effects of vegetables are also related with polyphenol content. Red cabbage contains polyphenols and it is one of the important vegetables that decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cell damage in brain. Spinach has role on memory with B group vitamins, folate, and vitamin E content. With these nutrients spinach protects brain cells against harmful free radicals. Folate and vitamin B protects brain against homocysteine that is produced by body and damage neurons. Spinach also helps the synthesis of red blood cells that carries oxygen to the brain and other organs. For successful memory you can add spinach or other leafy vegetables to your diet.


Antioxidant-rich fruits like blueberries, strawberries, blackberries protect brain cells against potential risk of free radicals. These berries have also phytochemicals called as anthocyanin. Anthocyanins improve memory and have many health benefits. Other fruits that improve memory and protect brain are red grapes, kiwi, oranges and apples.


Bitter chocolate that contains high amount of chocolate increases the release of endorphins in the brain that activate receptors. With increased endorphin concentrations mood becomes better. To benefit this good effect of chocolate; you should consume products that have 60-70% chocolate content with low amount of sugar.

Milk and Dairy Products

Organic yogurt, skim milk and low-fat cheese helps improve the body’s tissues with high protein content; they increase memory.



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