3) Look after your gut health. The large intestine is the gateway to our immunity, and the topic’s very fashionable at the moment. But I remember the first week of my Chinese medicine training when we were introduced to the lung and large intestine and their link to our immune system. Make sure your gut is in good working order, that you evacuate regularly and the stools are healthy. Take a probiotic and go to an acupuncturist if you have concerns about this.

4) Ditch the juices and make friends with herbs; they are nature’s little helpers and they are plentiful. Use fresh herbs in cooking, and drink herbal tea.


5) The lung and large intestine form the metal element and so are concerned with all things aesthetic. Make sure your environment is pleasing and organised and ready for the long winter. Clean windows, wash curtains and set yourself some projects that will make your home nicer. Mend broken fences and tend to long overdue DIY projects – get your house in order. Similarly in your diet, make your food pleasing to the eye; spend time choosing your meals and pick things that are natural and look nice. Fill your senses with beauty in all aspects of your life and let go of things that are neither beautiful or useful.

Emma is an integrated women’s health expert, registered acupuncturist and author


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