We can fight against many diseases by drinking the juice (watermelon seed curation) that is obtained by boiling watermelon seeds.

Watermelon seed has many benefits for our health. Moreover, it prevents many diseases. A watermelon that can be found easily and that is delicious cleanse our body and provide health.

It is more beneficial to eat watermelon, which is rich in fiber, vitamin B and vitamin C, on an empty stomach. Experts state that rather than its sweet red part, its white part is much more beneficial.

Benefits of Watermelon Seed;

It fights against parasites
It fights against hepatitis
It fights against inflammation
It fights against arteriosclerosis
It fights against angina Pektonis
It fights against kidney stone
It is a good diuretic
It strengthens heart and muscle structures
It improves the memory
It increases libido
It provides elastic skin
It increases concentration
It is good for type 2 diabetes

How to Prepare Watermelon Seed Curation?

Preparation: Add 4 tablespoons of watermelon seed into 2 liters of water and boil it for around 15 minutes – keep mixing during the boiling process.
Drink this tea for two days.
Take a break on the 3rd day. Then, drink again for 2 days.
Repeat the procedure in this way.
Keep repeating for 1-2 weeks and then you can stop.


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