A love for self-care through beauty rituals got Suzanne LeRoux, President of One Love Organics, through law school and inspired her to create her brand of luxury natural beauty products.


And she agrees that your skin needs a good beauty ritual when transitioning from spring to summer.

“Your skin does change with each season and if your skincare routine isn’t working its magic, that is a signal that it could be time for a revamp,” LeRoux says.

She shows her skin some love during spring by focusing on exfoliation and hydration.

“Contrary to popular belief, your skin actually needs to exfoliate when it is extra dry,” she says. “I like to use a good detox mask two to three times per week to gently remove dead skin cells that can build up and leave you with dull, lackluster skin. I also like to focus on hydrating products like spritzing moisture mists throughout the day and using a good cream moisturizer morning and evening.”



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