6 Bliss-Inducing Natural Hot Springs: Soothe Your Soul with a Soak


Humans have always flocked to hot springs for their healing mineral waters and spirit-calming vibe. From volcano-heated pools in the wilderness to accessible beachfront spas, unique natural hot springs bubble up in almost every corner of the globe. Find your favorite and experience the ultimate soak.

Best Natural Hot Springs on the Planet

1. Conundrum Hot Springs (Colorado)

Only intrepid travelers make it to this wild spring just outside of Aspen, which is found at the end of an 8.5-mile trail that rises almost 2,500 feet. But the scenery on the hike is amazing, and the destination is even better than the journey. Slip into a steaming pool that overlooks a broad meadow nestled in a jaw-dropping valley. For a more tranquil experience, skip high season and weekends.

2. Boiling River Hot Springs (Yellowstone National Park)

Yellowstone is famous as a hotbed of geothermal action, but most of its springs are far too hot to set foot in. But here, frigid river water mixes with the scorching hot spring to create a unique swimming hole that’s unknown to most visitors. To find Boiling River Hot Springs, enter Yellowstone at the North Entrance and park in the small lot three miles in on your left. Follow the trail 400 meters to find the relaxing natural phenomenon.


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