You’ve done it. You’ve changed up your diet for something healthier, you’ve put the time in at the gym, and now you’ve reached your weight loss goal. Woohoo!


After the celebratory rounds of flattering Instagram photos and pats on the back, you’ll probably wonder, Now what? Reaching your weight loss is a huge accomplishment, but now you’ve gotta figure out a way to keep it off.

Why? Because studies show that nearly 65 percent of dieters return to their pre-dieting weight within three years after they’ve worked so hard to lose it. If you don’t want to be another statistic and you want to keep the bod you have now, follow these simple and healthy tips to maintain your weight transformation.

1. Remember It’s a Lifestyle — Not a Diet

A “diet” usually refers to something that’s temporary (and, if we’re going to be honest, not that pleasant). If you’re in it for the long haul, then you need to start seeing your healthier food options as a “lifestyle,” and not something you did in order to get a certain result, like your weight loss goal.

Instead of thinking with a results-oriented mindset, focus on incorporating nourishing whole foods that you enjoy eating because they not only taste good, but they also make you feel good, too. And don’t forget to have balance, either. You can and should treat yourself to a sweet (or salty) snack every now and then. The less deprived you feel, the more you’ll stick to your new healthy eating lifestyle.



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