5 Steps To Perfect Nails

Here’s how to get your spring manicure right: Nothing says spring and summer more than brightly-painted nails and we love the pastel shades currently adorning the shelves. Here’s how to get your manicure right:


1. You only need three strokes: Guide the dot of polish by stroking it with the brush to the left, then right, then down the centre.

2. After painting, hold your nails under very cold water – this will help the polish to dry faster.

3. Avoid hot water: It’s polish’s enemy. Leave the dishes for someone else – the heat will expand the nail bed, causing the colour to crack and ruin your look.

4. Use an old lip brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean the edges and rectify any mistakes.

5. Apply multiple thin coats rather than two thick ones – the latter won’t dry properly.



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