Kimberly Snyder, CN, nutritionist to the stars and New York Times best-selling author of the “Beauty Detox” book series and “Radical Beauty,” isn’t only about eating wholesome, healthy foods and meditating. She’s also a major proponent of getting the best sleep of our life (every day)—so much so she’s coming out with a digital sleep course this spring. “Sleep is one of the best ways to take a time out from the toxic effects of stress. Stress shows up on your face in the form of fine lines, dark circles, and lackluster skin and hair,” Snyder tells Organic Authority. “This affects your waistline, too.”


But as pleasant and relaxing as it sounds, sleeping isn’t always easy to do given our daily demands and never-ending pipeline of anxiety-inducing responsibilities. Snyder shares her five best tips to get your best sleep ever once and for all.

1. Aim for 7 to 9 hours.

While some people swear they’re surviving with their daily five hours of slumber, they’re probably not thriving. “All adults should follow the same rule of thumb: seven to nine hours of sleep each day—and women even need a little more sleep than men,” says Snyder, who says sleep deprivation is more harmful for women. “When your body is well rested, you are not only able to function better, but you will be amazed at how much more efficient you are in the tasks you perform. If this is the common goal of all of us, we should all have the same sleep number to achieve it!”

2. Practice Abhyanga as part of your wake-up ritual.

Snyder commits to Abhyanga, an ancient form of self-massage that acts as a powerful anti-aging practice. “It’s super easy to incorporate into your daily routine and I recommend you do it in the mornings to rid toxins that have accumulated during the night and to rejuvenate you for your day,” she advises. “Incorporating Abhyanga into your daily routine will promote circulation and detoxification which maintains your long-term health and beauty!”

Here’s how to practice Abhyanga, according to Snyder:

  1. Use sesame oil in warmer months and coconut oil in cooler months.
  2. Warm your chosen oil under hot water for a few minutes.
  3. Massage your body for 5 to 10 minutes, applying even pressure with your hands and fingers and lighter pressure in the more sensitive areas like the breasts or abdominal area. Massage the soles of your feet, too.

“Don’t worry about breakouts as pure, organic oil will not cause that,” Snyder reassures. “Make sure you’ve thoroughly rubbed in as much of the oil as possible before going straight to a workout of hot shower.”



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