Whether you inlay your floors with them or brush them off as a little more than pretty rocks, crystals have been finding their way into natural skin care—and it turns out there might be something to it.


Aside from their ability to incorporate a scintillating touch to oils and masks, crystals are lauded for their physical attributes as much as their energetic qualities. “Crystals have been used as exfoliators, resulting in brighter complexions, while gold has anti-inflammatory properties and has been used for centuries to treat conditions such as arthritis,” dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD, tells “Diamond powder makes for a great (albeit expensive) exfoliator, rose quartz might help calm the complexion and improve circulation, and tourmaline is also thought to make skin more radiant.”

Själ, one of the most popular crystal-infused skincare brands on the market today, “charges” each of its formulas with precious minerals, such as gold, silver, and platinum to help augment cellular performance, repair, and penetration.

On top of that, the company incorporates gemstones such as diamond, blue sapphire, ruby, amethyst, citrine, and tourmaline, all of which are known to vibrate at a higher frequency and in turn, improve cellular energy, microcirculation, and clarity.

Convinced? Try these five crystal skincare products for brilliantly high-vibe skin.



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