You can keep fit by eating these 12 nutrients with mind at peace. Here are the nutrients that don’t make you gain weight.

1) Egg: Being a great protein source, egg can keep you feel full. According to many studies conducted, women who consume low-calorie fruit salad, milky omelet and 2 slices of toast eat less within 36 hours compared to women who have their breakfast by eating bakery products.

2) Beans: Highly fibrous beans are effective on decreasing your cholesterol level.


3) Salad: According to a study conducted on 42 women, the ones who consume low-calorie salads can eat in small quantities even they are allowed to eat as much as they desire. The limitation at this point is, according to the results, salad.

4) Green Tea: Enhances your weight loss process, provides fat burning and increases metabolic rate.

5) Pear: A middle size pear is enough to keep you feel full for a long time. Apple has the second place in this topic. Both fruits prevent you from eating unhealthy snacks between your meals.

6) Soup: A bowl of chicken soup is filling as much as a piece of chicken meat. Even the simplest soup can satisfy the hunger stimulation of your brain.

7) Lean Meat: It is one of the sources of essential amino acids and it can make you eat less.


8) Olive Oil: With raw olive oil, you can get rid of your excess weight on your middle ages.

9) Grapefruit: According to a study, eating half grapefruit before meals or drinking grapefruit juice three times a day can make you lose more than 3 kilograms in 3 months.

10) Cinnamon: Consuming 1 teaspoon of cinnamon each day can decrease your cholesterol and blood sugar.

11) Vinegar: People who eat bread soaked into vinegar felt themselves more full compared to the ones who consume regular bread.

12) Soy Cheese: Eating soy cheese before each meal can make you eat less.


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