Harley Street therapist, Christopher Paul Jones, shares his simple plan to help us get over flying phobias


Summer is only a few months away which means holiday season is fast approaching. However for some, the pre-holiday excitement is tainted with one of the most common phobias: a fear of flying. The unnatural sensation of boarding a metal aircraft to be taken above the clouds can be daunting, which is why we caught up with Harley Street therapist Christopher Paul Jones to find out his 10-step plan to help you overcome a fear of flying without the need for any prescriptions or white wine spritzers.

1 Find the cause of your fear

Most phobias have a trigger point, when the mind first linked danger to flying. Even seeing how your parents reacted if they were scared of flying could have taught you the way you think you should compose yourself. Therefore the best place to start with overcoming your phobia is to explore the origin of the fear.

2 Challenge your beliefs

It’s worth asking yourself what do I need to believe in order to feel afraid of flying? Then ask yourself how true is that belief? What do you choose to focus on when you have the fear?What do you focus on when you don’t have fear?

3 Change the meaning of flying

When the fear of flying starts, what do you say to yourself? Is it something like: ‘I can’t do this’? Notice the internal voice. Who does it sound like? How deep and how loud is it? Once you have become aware of that voice, change the tonality, perhaps to someone really boring and slow.

4 Change the perspective of flying

Another tip is to imagine watching yourself on a plane ride. Imagine floating above the event and watching yourself on the flight. As you look down at yourself notice how you are acting. How are you breathing and moving? What could you learn that would help change the flight for the better? What could you teach yourself that would help you relax and make the journey more enjoyable?



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