For all we do to detox, rejuvenate, and challenge our bodies, it’s a shame that we often completely skimp on actively promoting our emotional well-being; that is, getting a good night’s sleep, achieving a relaxed state of mind, and maintaining a functional, focused brain. And if you live a high-stress lifestyle  (who doesn’t?), then it’s even harder to achieve that zen. Luckily, many companies have caught on to this dilemma and have curated products specifically catered to your mind, like these superfood supplements, potions, and elixirs keep your mind fit, fast, and functional.


10 Mind-Boosting Superfood Supplements

1. Fountain: The Happy Molecule

This stress-busting liquid elixir has a pH of 3.0-4.0 and is vegan, nut-free, and cruelty-free. A two-teaspoon (10 milliliter) serving once or twice per day is enough to feel its happiness effects. Each serving of the pineapple-flavored supplement is infused with 200 milligrams of solubilized GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), a neurotransmitter that promotes sedative actions in brain tissue and is critical for relaxation. Add the Happy Molecule elixir to your juice and smoothies, or just enjoy it straight from a spoon.

2. Species by the Thousands: Psychic Dream Spray


A good night’s sleep can really improve your mood and overall mental health. This spray is literally what dreams are made of – it not only soothes the sense with lavender but also enhances dreaming with the addition of the mugwort herb. The spray is made with ten percent all natural essential oils, water, and grain alcohol. Spray it on your pillow for best results!


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